Rights & Responsibilities

Members’ Rights

It is the policy of Virginia Premier to treat all members with respect. The organization remains dedicated to keeping members educated and informed of their rights and responsibilities while maintaining a high level of confidentiality with due consideration for dignity and privacy.

Member Responsibilities

  1. Choose your Virginia Premier PCP from the list of our doctors.
  2. Get your healthcare through our list of PCP’s and hospitals and other healthcare providers.
  3. Keep doctor’s appointments or call to cancel them at least twenty-four (24) hours ahead of time.
  4. Carry your Virginia Premier and Medicaid ID member card with you at all times.
  5. Tell the doctor that you and/or your child are/is a Medicaid member of Virginia Premier at the time that you speak with the doctor’s office.
  6. Give your PCP and other providers honest and complete information about your health to care for you.
  7. Learn the difference between emergency and urgent care. KNOW:
    1. What an emergency is.
    2. How to keep one from happening.
    3. What to do if one happens.
  8. Follow plans and instructions for care given by your physician.
  9. Understand your health problems and discuss and/or agree upon treatment plans with your physician.
  10. Get an okay from your PCP or Virginia Premier before you see another doctor.
  11. Let Virginia Premier know how we can work better for you.