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We Make Healthy Living Easy!

Virginia Premier Health Plan is a Medicaid Plan in Virginia.

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We Make Healthy Living Easy!

With offices across the state, our members have local support and resources that can help make healthy living easy! Learn More

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We Make Healthy Living Easy!

As part of a university-based medical center, we work side-by-side with providers. We know that supporting our network means they can help make healthy living easy for our community. Learn More

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Virginia Premier Substance Abuse Resource


To be able to identify substance abuse resources in each region of the state. This will allow our case managers and providers in the community, across both lines of business, to better manage members with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Accessing the Resource:

Members, Providers and Case Managers can access the site from the Virginia Premier Website, under Provider Resources.

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Latest News

May 17, 2016

Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Alcohol and drug misuse can lead to serious health, relationship, employment, and legal problems. Virginia Premier supports resources to help members and their loved ones find support, get treatment, and recover.

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